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What are the assessments like?

Each screening tool is a multiple choice or yes/no series of questions and the patient selects the best answer that fits their current condition.


Who made the screening tools that you use?

Our assessment is made up of the same tools used by mental health professionals to screen and help diagnose mental conditions.


Do Physicians get reimbursed by Medicare for these tests ?

Yes - Medicare and most commercial insurers reimburse physicians for these tests.


Why do I need to administer these tests?

Focus is shifting from diagnosing and treating patients' illnesses to prevention.  Ours tests enable you to do that. 


Does it increase my work load?

There is very minimal workload increase for the front office - and that is more than offset by the increase in revenue.


How much does it cost the patient?

Preventive care benefits are available to insured patients at no cost.